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Lesson 9


Intermediate English
Lesson 9 - Sports/Hobbies

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English Dialog

Sports Equipment

Read the dialog below.

Listen to the dialog


A - My husband has a closet full of sports equipment that he never uses.

B - Mine too.  He bought a tennis racket last week.  He says that he's going to start playing tennis.

A - Ha. My husband has two tennis rackets in his closet.  He can't even play tennis!  Now he says he's going to buy some new skis. 

B - My husband has skis in the closet.  They're covered with dust.

A - I gave him a basketball for his birthday because he said that he wanted to start playing basketball with the guys.  I don't know why I bought it.  It just takes up space in the closet.

A - The only “sports” equipment my husband uses is the remote control to the TV. 

B - I think we should sell all of the sports equipment and get something that they'll really use.

A - What's that?  A new sofa.  They spend more time sitting on the sofa watching TV than anything else.


Write the words in order to form sentences.  

1.  husband    of    closet    has    My    a    full    equipment    sports    .

2. can't    play    tennis    He    even    !

3. I    bought    know    why    don't    it    I    .

4. says    He    to    he's    start    playing    that    tennis    going    .

5. husband    My    the    skis    closet    in    has    .



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