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Beginning English

Learn English for free in the comfort of your home studying one lesson a week! I recommend that you do the English lessons in order (Basic English, Lesson 1, Lesson 2, etc.) and that you study the pages of the lesson in the order which they are in (Vocabulary, then Grammar, etc.).

Basic English
Learn five very basic elements of English.

Lesson 1 - Greetings

Lesson 2 - School

Lesson 3 - People

Lesson 4 - Work

Lesson 5 - Family

Lesson 6 - House

Lesson 7 - Food

Lesson 8 - Clothes

Lesson 9 - Sports/Hobbies

Lesson 10 - Shopping

Lesson 11 - Transportation

Lesson 12 - Health

Lesson 13 - The City

Lesson 14 - Animals

Lesson 15 - Weather

Lesson 16 - The Future




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