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Lesson 8 - Clothes

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High-Tech Fashion

Visitors to the "International Forum and Symposium for High-tech Apparel Textiles" earlier this year were treated to a glimpse into the future of high-tech fashion. The symposium, which is organized by the Avantex company, was held in Frankfurt Germany this year. New fabrics were featured as well as garments with high-tech features.

Detect is a new sensory fabric that can detect touch and pressure applied by the wearer. It is soft and lightweight like a regular fabric but it can be used to create fabric keyboards for computers sewn into clothing.

A number of fabrics have been created to keep the body cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather or to keep the body drier. One fabric featured at the symposium even provides cushion for new skiers or snowboarders if they fall. A couple of fabrics claim to protect the wearer against electromagnetic radiation.

X-Static is a new fiber that can do many things. It eliminates bacteria and fungi that cause odor, it dissipates static charges, it can move electrical currents generated by the body (which is believed to increase blood flow and reduce swelling), it transfers heat and cold (keeping the body warmer or colder as needed), and it can be used to transfer moisture.

The biggest new trend seems to be wearable computers and other electronic devices such as cellular phones and MP3 Players. The FTR&D company has created a scarf that can be used as a mobile office. It contains two speakers on the collar and a microphone on the right part of the scarf (the part that goes over your mouth). The left part of the scarf contains a touchscreen and webcam while the batteries and computer are hidden in the lining of the scarf. You can do videoconferencing, surf the internet, send and receive e-mails, listen to music, or even watch a movie using your scarf!


Which of the following were items described in the article?

a. a scarf that can used for videoconferencing
b. a hat that has solar panels to power electronic devices
c. a fabric that can protect you from electromagnetic radiation
d. a fiber that can kill bacteria
e. sunglasses that can be used as a computer screen
f. a fabric that can be used as a computer keyboard


Compound words are formed by combining two separate words into one.  For example, the word "schoolbell" is formed by combining the words "school" and "bell."  Find compound words in the article that have the meanings described below.  Write the compound word in the space.

1. a camera that is used with the internet

2. a computer screen that you touch instead of using a mouse

3. magnetism which is developed by the passage of an electric current

4. a small device that converts sound waves into an electrical current

5. conferencing using a video camera



Write about what you think clothes will be like in the future. Write on a paper or on our blog.



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