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Lesson 8 - Clothes

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English Dialog

What to pack?

Read the dialog below.

Listen to the dialog


A - Hello?

B - Hi Ellen.  This is Curt.

A - Hi Curt!  Are you packed yet?

B - No.  I'll start packing tomorrow.  I can't wait to visit you in Puerto Rico.  Actually, I was wondering what kind of clothes to pack.

A - I know it's cold where you are but it's really warm here.    It's like summer all year ‘round.  Bring summer clothes like shorts, sundresses, sandals, and, of course, your swimming suit.

B - Does it get cool at night?

A - No.  It cools down a little a night but it's still warm at night.

B - So, will I need a sweater or a light jacket or anything like that?

A - No.  Well. You could pack one light sweater because sometimes it's cool in places where they have air-conditioning.  You get used to the warm weather outside and then you go in a movie theater here and freeze. 

B - Do I need to bring a raincoat or umbrella?

A - Yeah.  That's a good idea.  I'd bring an umbrella but not the raincoat.  It rains a lot here.  They get bad thunderstorms here.  When I moved here from San Diego at first the thunderstorms scared me a little bit.  Now I'm used to them.  My friend's apartment building was hit by lightning recently.  It destroyed her computer and TV.

B - Is it humid there?

A - Yeah.  It's REALLY humid.  At first the humidity drove me crazy because I was sweating all of the time.  After a few months I got used to it.  Now when I go back to San Diego it feels really dry to me.

B - I'm really excited about going to Puerto Rico.

A - I can't wait to see you.


Write the words in order to form sentences.

1. Puerto    wait    can't    visit    in    to    I    Rico    you    .

2. cool    it    get    at    night    Does    ?

3. used    months    I    After    a    it    got    few    to    .

4. was    the    all   time     sweating    I    of    .

5. building    recently    My    hit    lightning    apartment    was    friend's    by    .



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