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Lesson 8


Advanced English
Lesson 8 - Clothes

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English Expressions

In each of the advanced level lessons we learn five new American English Expressions that are related to the topic of the lesson. Here are this lesson's expressions.

run into - meet by chance (unexpectedly)

dressed to kill - very well dressed 

find out - learn or discover

by the way - expression used to mention something slightly off the topic of conversation

feel like a million bucks - feel great

Select the correct expressions in the conversation below.

A - Hi Theresa! How are you?

B - I'm fine. How are you?

A - I'm great. Oh, , I saw Sally yesterday.

B - Sally Green? Really?

A - Yeah. I her at a party at the club.

B - Wow! I haven't seen her in a long time. How is she?

A - She looked great. She was dressed up for the party. She was wearing a beautiful dress and she had some expensive-looking jewelry on. She was really .

B - Did you where she bought the dress?

A - Yeah. She says that she bought it on sale at Macy's. She says that she feels beautiful in the dress. She .


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