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The verbs "used to" and "would"

There are two different ways to talk about past habits.  You can use "used to" or "would" to describe actions that you did repeatedly in the past.  

I used to walk to school.
I would walk to school.

We can use "used to," but not "would," to talk about past situations (not repeated actions).

I used to live in Paris.
(Living somewhere is a long-term situation not an action that you do repeatedly.)


Select "used to" or "would" for the following situations.  In some there is more than one correct answer (for repeated actions both are correct).

1. I visit my grandma every weekend.

2. My family go to the lake every summer.

3. My sister go to the library in the afternoon.

4. She practice playing the piano in the evening.

5. I live in a big house.

6. He hate spinach, but now he loves it!

7. Jim and Irene feel lonely until they met each other.

8. They watch cartoons on TV.


Rewrite the following sentences with "would" if you can (if they are repeated action).  If you can't use "would" (it's a situation, not a repeated action), leave the space blank.

I used to exercise every day.

I used to hate coffee when I was little.

(In the example above I left the space blank because it's a situation, not a repeated action.  I can't change it to "would.")

1. I used to live in an apartment.

2. She used to check her e-mail three times a day.

3. The sofa used to be in the living room, but now it's in my bedroom.

4. They used to study English every afternoon.

5. My teacher used to help me.

6. I used to read books every day.

7. My kids used to hate vegetables.

8. We used to travel every summer.


Find the Mistake

Find the errors in the sentences.  Write the sentences correctly.

She are a student. --> She is a student.

1. I would live in California. 

2. I use to swim every day.

3. She used walk to school.

4. She's teached many classes.

5. He has ran 3 miles.


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