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Lesson 2 - School

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English Dialog

The One-Room Schoolhouse

Read the dialog below.

Listen to the dialog


A - Grandma? What were schools like when you were little?

B - Oh. They were quite different from how they are today. Your school is much bigger than mine was. I attended a one-room schoolhouse.

A - What's that?

B - All of the kids were in one room. All different ages and levels were in one room with one teacher.

A - Wow! How could the teacher handle all of the different levels?

B - I remember that my teacher depended a lot on the older kids to help with the younger ones. Actually, teaching is a good way to learn. I remember that I learned math really well when I had to teach it to the younger kids. I remember that I used to help the teacher start the fire when I got to school. We didn't have heaters back then. We would build a fire to keep the room warm.

A - Wow! How did the teacher keep the kids from misbehaving?

B - They were very strict back then. The teacher had a stick that she would use to spank us if we misbehaved.

A - Ouch!!! That must have hurt!

B - Luckily, I was a good girl. I never got spanked. We didn't have as many books as you have either. We would read from the Bible a lot.

A - The Bible?

B - Yes. They didn't have the laws about religion in public schools like you do today.

A - Boy, it sounds like schools were pretty different back then.

B - Yes, but it was kind of nice. Since it was so small, all of the students became good friends.


Write the words in order to form sentences. 

1. fire    used    start    teacher    to    I    help    the    the    .

2. schools    little    were    What    like    were    you    when    ?

3. have    We    books    as    didn't    as    you    have    many    .

4. would    build    keep    the    fire    to    We    a    room    warm    .

5. would    Bible    from    We    read    a lot    the    .



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