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Lesson 16


Intermediate English
Lesson 16 - The Future

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English Dialog


Read the dialog below.

Listen to the dialog


A – How do you think technology and computers will change in the future?

B – I saw a news report saying that scientists are working on building tiny molecular-sized robots that will be able to do different things in the future.  It's called nanotechnology.

A – Really?  What will they be able to do?

B – They might be able to use them in medicine to diagnose diseases and even fix problems inside the body.

A – A tiny robot that goes into my body?

B – Yeah.  Like a little mechanic.  It could go into your body to detect disease before you even know you're sick.

A – Wow!  I saw something on TV that said that in the future we might all have computer implants.

B – Computer implants?

A – Yeah.  You may not even need a computer to surf the internet in the future.  Your implant could convert digital information into signals that your brain could understand. 

B – Wow!  I'd never have to study for a test again.


Write the words in order to form sentences.

1. We     implants     all     computer     have     might     .

2.  do     they     What     be     will     able     to     ?

3. never     I'd     to     for     study     a     have     again     test     .

4. You     not     computer     even     need     a     may     .

5. might     They     be     to     use     medicine     able     them     in     .



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