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Lesson 15


Beginning English
Lesson 15 - Weather

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Object Pronouns

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Object Pronouns are pronouns that receive the action of the verb. They come after the verb or after a preposition.

After the verb
I call her every day. 

After a preposition
The present is for her.

Subject Pronouns   Object Pronouns
I me
you you
he him
she her
it it
they them
we us


Write a sentence changing the object of the sentence (the word in italics) to an object pronoun.

I call Mary

1.  I write letters to Andrew

2.  I have presents for the children

3.  Call Rhonda and me tomorrow. 

4.  I send my parents a letter every week. 

5.  She drives the car

6.  I talk to Martha

7.  I visit Mr. and Mrs. Johnson

8.  I have the papers

9.  I visit Susan

10. I call Charlie


Select the correct pronoun (subject or object pronoun).

Subject pronouns = before the verb (except with a question)
Object pronouns = after the verb (except with a question) or after a preposition

1.  I go to the movies with

2.   lives in China. 

3.  My sister and go shopping on Saturdays. 

4.  Give the papers to

5.  I call at night. 

6.   works at the school. 

7.   are very nice people. 

8.   live in Canada. 

9.  Give the paper please. 

10. He is going to the party with


The Pronoun "it"

In English we use the pronoun "it" to refer to things or sometimes animals.  The verb "is" can never be alone in English. It has to have a subject. In the sentence below "it" refers to the weather. Since weather is a thing, we use the pronoun "it."

CORRECT- In my country it is very cold in the winter.

INCORRECT- In my country is very cold in the winter.

If the sentence is correct, leave it blank. If it is not correct, write it correctly.


I like the movie because is interesting.

It is very cold outside.

(We leave it blank because it is correct.)


1.  In the summer is hot.

2.  I know that is raining outside.

3.  I wear a hat when it is sunny.

4.  I like Frank because he is nice.

5.  Is very sunny and hot at the beach.



The word "too" in English indicates an extreme or excessive amount of something.

Write sentences with "too."













Find the Mistake

Find the errors in the sentences.  Write the sentences correctly.

She are a student. --> She is a student. 

1. He wears a coat when is cold.  

2. I don't want to swim because it's to cold.

3. I write letters to he.

4. Is sunny and hot today.

5. I have to give they the papers.


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