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Lesson 7


Advanced English
Lesson 7 - Food

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English Expressions

In each of the advanced level lessons we learn five new American English Expressions that are related to the topic of the lesson. Here are this lesson's expressions.

take turns - alternate

every other - every alternate 

foot the bill - pay the bill

dress up - dress elegantly

paint the town red - go out and have a good time

Select the correct expressions in the conversation below.

A - Who does the cooking in your house?

B - My husband and I .

A - Really? How does that work?

B - I cook day.

A - And he cooks on the days that you don't cook?

B - Exactly. Except on Saturday nights. On the Saturday nights we get and go out to a restaurant.

A - That sounds like fun.

B - It is! Last Saturday we went to that new Italian restaurant downtown and then we went dancing afterwards. We didn't get home until 2:00 AM! We really that night.
A - So who on Saturday nights?

B - Sometimes he does or sometimes I do. It doesn't matter. It comes out of the same bank account.


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Write sentences using the expressions.



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