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Lesson 16


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Advanced English
Lesson 16 - Future

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English Expressions

In each of the advanced level lessons we learn five new American English Expressions that are related to the topic of the lesson. Here are this lesson's expressions.

from now on - from now into the future

get along with - have a good relationship with

in shape - in good physical condition

not to mention - in addition to

It's up to you - be your decision or responsibility


Select the correct expressions in the conversation below.

CHILD - When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut.

MOM - You can be whatever you want. . If you decide to be an astronaut, you'll need a lot of years of training. Preparing to be an astronaut is a lot of work.

CHILD - Really?

MOM - Yes. Most astronauts begin their careers as pilots, scientists, or engineers. It takes years to study for those careers, the years of training to become an astronaut.

CHILD - It looks like a fun job though.

MOM - I'm sure it is exciting at times. You also have to other people. Astronauts live and work in small spaces with other people.

CHILD - That's not a problem.

MOM - Finally, you have to be . You have to exercise and eat healthy so that you'll be physically fit enough to be an astronaut.

CHILD - I'll eat my broccoli so that I can be healthy.

MOM - That's great!


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