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Lesson 16 - Future

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English Dialog

Time Travel

Read the dialog below.

Listen to the dialog


A - If you could travel in time, what time period would you visit?

B - I’d go to the future.  I’d fly around through space like Captain Kirk. 

A - I’d like to visit the future but not so far.  I’d visit my grandchildren in the future.  I want to see what happens to my family in the future.

B - What time period in the past would you visit?

A - I’d like to go back to the time our country was founded.  I’d love to talk to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.  It would be interesting to see how people lived back then too.  I’ll bet life was pretty different.

B - I’d go back to pre-historic times.  I want to see what early man was like or maybe I’d go back to the time of the dinosaurs.

A - You’d better be careful or you’ll get stepped on by a dinosaur.  I wonder what people from the past would think of us if they could visit this time period.

B - They’d probably think we were nuts.

A - Why?

B - Life was so much simpler in the past.  Now we have all kinds of inventions for things that they probably don’t think are important.

A - I don’t think life was simpler in the past.  I think it was more complicated.  If you wanted a new dress you couldn’t just go to the store and buy it.  You had to make it.  If you were hungry, you couldn’t just put a TV dinner in the microwave.  You had to grow your own food and cook it from scratch.

B - What if people from the future came to visit us?

A - I think they would be disappointed in us.

B - Really?  Why?

A - With all of our technology we still have the same problems we’ve always had.  We still have war, crime, and people still die of hunger.  I hope in the future they will be able to solve some of those problems.

B - We’ll probably still have war but maybe not hunger.  In the future they’ll probably have replicators like on Star Trek.

A - What’s a replicator? 

B - It’s a machine that produces food by assembling at the molecular level.

A - Well, I’m hungry.  Would you replicate me something for lunch?

B - Sure.


Write the words in order to form sentences.

1. time,   could   would   If   travel   in   you   period   what   visit   time   you   ?

2. family   I   want   see   what   the   in   my   happens   to   future   to   .

3. back   I’d   go   country   time   to   our   like   the   to   founded   was   .

4. future   What   to   people   if   from   us   the   came   visit   ?

5. in   hope   will   future   the   those   problems   some   be   they   solve   able   to   I   of   . 



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