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Lesson 8


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Intermediate English
Lesson 8 - Clothes

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very and too

The words very and too can be confusing for English students.

very = to a great degree
too = excessive (more than necessary)

The coffee is very hot.

The coffee is too hot to drink.
(The coffee is so hot that I can't drink it.)


Select the word that makes the most sense in the sentence.

1. I didn't sleep much last night. Now I'm tired.

2. He is a successful businessman. He's rich.

3. I have a test tomorrow but I can't study because I'm tired. Every time I try to study I fall asleep!

4. They didn't accept him to the school basketball team. They say that he's short to play on the team.

5. She's a good friend. She's a nice person.


Find the Mistake

Find the errors in the sentences.  Write the sentences correctly.

She are a student. --> She is a student. 

1. I like the movie because it's too interesting.

2. It is a jacket leather.

3. Those are beautiful earings.

4. The braclet is new.

5. It's a coton skirt.


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