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Interviewing Advice

When most people interview for a job they are very nervous. Being nervous for an interview is natural but if you're prepared you will feel more confident and you'll be more likely to get the job. Read the following tips on interviewing and try them on your next job interview.

Before the Interview

  • Make a list of a few of the strong points that you want to emphasize in the interview. Think of things that make you good at the job. For example, “I am a patient person” or “I have experience in this kind of job.” These points are going to be the things you need to remember to talk about in the interview.
  • Get your clothes ready. Plan what you are going to wear to the interview. Make sure it is clean and ironed and the shoes look good.
  • Call for directions to get to the place where the interview is going to be. Drive there a day or two before the interview to make sure that you know how to get there.
  • Research the company. Look for information about the company in the Internet or talk to people you know who work there. The more you know, the more informed you will be in the interview.
  • Practice interviewing. Have a friend pretend that he is the person who will interview you. Have him ask you interview questions and practice answering them with confidence.

During the Interview

  • Arrive to the interview a few minutes early.
  • When you meet the interviewer, the person who is interviewing you, make eye contact, smile, and give them a firm handshake. It's important that you make a good first impression. Most interviewers will make a judgment about you in the first five minutes. Make sure it's a good impression!
  • During the interview speak with confidence and sit up straight in the chair.
  • Make sure you talk about your strong points that you put on the list you prepared before the interview. Work them into the conversation in a natural way or use them to answer one of the interview questions.

After the Interview

  • Thank the interviewer for the interview.
  • Go home and send them a thank you note. Put it in the mail immediately.

Answer the following questions about the reading.

1. What does “research” mean in the following paragraph.

Research the company. Look for information about the company in the Internet or talk to people you know who work there. The more you know, the more informed you we be in the interview.

2. Which of the following was NOT mentioned in the article?

3. Which of the following is NOT a good way to make a positive first impression?

4. Which is NOT an example of a strong point that you should mention in the interview?

5. Click on the most appropriate thank you note.

Letter Letter Letter


More Practice
A thank you note for an interview should include the following information.

  • Thank the person for the interview or make a comment like "It was nice to meet you."
  • Mention again why you would be good at the job.
  • Tell them how they can contact you (your phone number and e-mail address).

Pretend that you just finished an interview. Write a thank you note.



Imagine that you are in an interview. The interviewer just asked you why they should hire you. Describe your work experience, skills, personality traits, etc. that make you a great employee.

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