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Intermediate English
Lesson 2 - School

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English Dialog

The Magnet School

Read the dialog below.

Listen to the dialog


A - Hi Lucy!  Do you like your school?

B - Hi Carl. Yeah!  It's great.  It's a magnet school. 

A - A magnet school?  What's that?

B - It's a special school that teaches different stuff, not just math, reading, and boring things like that.

A - What does your school teach?

B - My school is bilingual.  I spend half the day with an English-speaking teacher and half with a Spanish-speaking teacher.  For example, this month I'm learning science and math in English but social studies and art in Spanish.  Next month I switch.  I learn science and math from the Spanish-speaking teacher and social studies and art from the English-speaking teacher.  

A - Wow!  Isn't that confusing?

B - No.  I started in the school when I was in kindergarten.  When I started I only could speak English.  Now I'm totally bilingual.

A - That's cool.  I heard about a kid in another magnet school that specialized in the arts.  He had a lot of theater classes and art classes and stuff like that.

B - Different magnet schools specialize in different things.


Write the words in order to form sentences.  

1. you Do your school like new ?

2. school does What teach your ?

3. learning art English I'm in .

4. teacher from science learn Spanish-speaking I the .

5. in different things specialize Different schools .



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