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We use superlatives to indicate an extreme in a group of items.

Bob is the tallest student in the class.

We usually form the superlative by adding -est to the end of the adjective.

small - the smallest

If an adjective already ends in an e, we just add an st to form the superlative.

large - the largest

y -> iest
If a word ends in a consonant and then a y, we change the y to an i and then add -est.

easy - the easiest

Double Consonant
If a word ends in a consonant, vowel, and then consonant and the stress is on the last syllable, we double the last consonant before adding -est.

big - the biggest

"Most" with Long Words
If a word is two syllables or longer (a long word) and doesn't end in a y, we use the word most, instead of -est.

expensive - the most expensive

Irregular Superlatives

good - the best
bad - the worst
far - the farthest


Change the words to superlatives.


1. wet

2. cold

3. nice

4. clean

5. heavy

6. wide

7. hot

8. rich

9. good

10. long

11. economical

12. ugly

13. dry

14. modern

15. thin

16. bad

17. lazy

18. cheap

19. far

20. beautiful


Write superlative sentences with the words provided.

Bob/is/tall student/in the class

1. Life is Beautiful/is/interesting movie

2. Gino's Pizzeria/has/good pizza/in Chicago

3. Sharon/is/nice person/I know

4. Helen/is/beautiful woman/I know

5. Paul/is/funny person/I know

6. Fred/has/big house/in our neighborhood

7. That/is/small car/in the parking lot

8. She/is/bad cook/in our family


Find the Mistake

Find the errors in the sentences.  Write the sentences correctly.

She are a student. --> She is a student. 

1. She is the more beautiful woman in the world.

2. Los Angeles is the bigger city in California.

3. He is the lazyest man I know.

4. She is the thinest person.

5. That is the goodest restaurant.


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