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Lesson 14 - Animals

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English Dialog

Animal Quiz

Read the dialog below.

Listen to the dialog


A - Larry, did you see the quiz in this magazine?

B - No.  What's it about?

A - It's an animal quiz.  If you get all of the questions right you win a safari vacation.

B - Wow!  Let's give it a try.

A - Ok.  Here's the first question.  What's the largest animal?

B - Hmmm.  Maybe the elephant.

A - No.  A whale is larger than an elephant.

B - Ok.  Let's put “whale.”

A -  Question #2.  What's the fastest animal?

B - A horse?

A - No.  I think the cheetah is the fastest.  It's faster than a horse.

B - Ok.  What's question 3?

A - What's the largest fish?

B - A whale? 

A - No.  A whale is a mammal, not a fish.  Maybe a shark.

B - Ok.  Put “shark.”

A - Number 4 is “What is the largest bird?”

B - The eagle?

A - No.  I think it's the condor.

B - Or maybe the ostrich.

A - Ok.  Let's put “ostrich.”  Here's the last question. What's the tallest animal?

B - That's easy.  The giraffe.

A - Where are you going?

B - To start packing.

A - For what?

B - For the safari vacation we're going to win. 


Write the words in order to form sentences.

1.  animal    What's    the    largest    ?

2. think    cheetah    I    fastest    the    is    the    .

3. faster    than    It's    horse    a    .

4. think    the    condor    I    it's    .

5. tallest    What's    animal    the    ?



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