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Lesson 13


Intermediate English
Lesson 13 - The City

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English Dialog

California Vacation

Read the dialog below.

Listen to the dialog


A - How was your vacation?

B - It was great. 

A - Where did you go?

B - I went to California.  I visited Los Angeles and San Diego.

A - Which did you like better?

B - Well, I liked both cities but for different reasons.  San Diego is smaller than Los Angeles.  Los Angeles is huge!  I also think San Diego's prettier.  The coast is beautiful and they have a beautiful park in the middle of the city called Balboa Park.  The air is much cleaner in San Diego than in Los Angeles. 

A - Sounds great!

B - I think Los Angeles was more exciting than San Diego.  It was exciting to see Hollywood.  I even saw a few stars. 

A - How was the weather?

B - It was fantastic.  It's a little bit warmer in Los Angeles than in San Diego but both cities had great weather.

A - It's really cold here.  I wish I could be in California right now!


Write the words in order to form sentences.

1.  was    your    How    vacation    ?

2. The    in    cleaner    than    San Diego    Los Angeles    air    is    much    in    .

3. did    you    go    Where    ?

4. think    more    Los Angeles    exciting    I    San Diego    than    was    .

5. wish    in    California    be    could    I    right    I    now    .



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