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Lesson 11 - Transportation

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English Dialog

The Accident

Read the dialog below.

Listen to the dialog


A - Hi Bob.  Did you talk to all of the witnesses to the car accident?

B - The old lady was standing on the street corner when the accident happened.  She said that it's the red car's fault.  She said that the red car was driving very fast and then quickly stopped when the traffic light changed.

A - What did the kids say?

B - The kids were playing in their front yard when they heard the crash.  They say that they didn't see anything.

A - Did the neighbors see anything?

B - The neighbor, Mr. Jones, was working in his yard when the accident happened.  He said that he thought he saw a dog run out into the street in front of the car.

A - Hmmm.  No one else mentioned a dog.

B - Did you talk to Mr. Bates?

A - Mr Bates?

B - Yeah, he's the man who was selling newspapers on the street corner.

A - Oh.  Yeah.  He says that it was the blue car's fault. 

B - Really?

A - Yeah.  He says that the man in the blue car wasn't paying attention.  When the red car stopped he didn't notice until it was too late.  He hit the red car.

B - Wow!  Did they all see the same accident?  They all remember something different.

A - Yeah.  I know.  Pretty strange, huh?  Well, put it all in the report.


Write the words in order to form sentences.

1.  red The was fast driving car very .

2. standing lady old The street corner was on the .

3. playing kids were The yard front in their .

4. yard the Jones was working when Mr. his in accident happened .

5. He's newspapers man on selling street the who was the corner .



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