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Lesson 15 - Weather

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English Dialog


Read the dialog below.

Listen to the dialog


A - How do you like living in the Caribbean?

B - I like it. 

A - No hurricanes yet?

B - (laughing) No.  Not yet.  We had a tropical storm though.

A - What are they like?

B - It gets really windy.  The strange thing is that earlier in the day, before the tropical storm came, the weather was beautiful.  It was a beautiful, clear, sunny day.  We went to the beach.  Later it started getting dark and during the night it rained and got really windy.

A - How is a tropical storm different from a hurricane?

B - A hurricane is a tropical storm that has winds of at least 74 miles per hour. 

A - What do people do to prepare for the hurricane?

B - Well, before the hurricane comes you need to go out and buy lots of food and drinking water.  You have to buy food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated.  Before the hurricane comes they shut off the power so you need a lot of batteries for your flashlight and radio.

A - I’ll bet the stores are crowded when a hurricane is coming.

B - Yeah.  Actually, I keep emergency supplies in the house all the time just in case.  A lot of people wait until the hurricane is coming to do their shopping for emergency supplies.  That’s a big mistake because the stores run out of things. 

A - What do people do during the hurricane?

B - Most people board up their houses and stay inside.  I’ve heard that it’s pretty scary during the hurricane. 

A - With 74 mile per hour winds, I can imagine that it would be scary.  What about after the hurricane?

B - I’ve heard that the community really pulls together after a hurricane.  People are really good about helping each other.  The clean-up process is a lot of work.  Also, they could be without running water and electricity for a while. 

A - Well, I hope you don’t experience a hurricane while you live there.

B - Me too.


Write the words in order to form sentences.

1. do    like    How    Caribbean    living    in    you    the    ?

2. is    different    from    hurricane    How    a    tropical storm    a    ?

3.  food    be    have    doesn't    refrigerated    that    You    to    need    to    buy    .

4. hurricane    during    people    What    do    the    do    ?

5. other    each    about    People    good    are    really    helping    . 



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