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Lesson 14 - Animals

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English Dialog

Strange Animals

Read the dialog below.

Listen to the dialog


A - I found an interesting web site about animals. It has all kinds of interesting information about strange animals.  For example, I read about a four-eyed fish.

B - A four-eyed fish?  That sounds like something from another planet.

A - The fish, which usually swims along the surface of the water, uses two eyes to look above water and two to look below water.  That way it can look for food and watch out for predators at the same time.

B - What other animals did you learn about?

A - There was an article about a spider that lives under the water.

B - Doesn’t it drown?

A - No.  The spider builds a little house under the water.  The house, which is filled with air, is also used to hide and wait for prey. 

B - That’s weird.

A - They also have an article about the Bombardier Beetle.

B - A beetle that’s a bomb?

A - Well, sort of.  When threatened the beetle shoots out a hot liquid, which is made with chemicals stored in its body.

B - Wow!  Those are some strange animals.


Write the words in order to form sentences.  

1. animals    web   I    an    site    found     interesting    about    .

2.  did    What    other    about    animals    you    learn    ?

3.  was    spider    an    water    under    about    There    a    that    lives    article    the    .

4.  a    water    The    house    spider    builds    little    under    the    .

5. something    like    That    from    planet    sounds    another    .



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