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Lesson 13 - The City

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The Passive in English

We use the passive form in English to emphasize the action rather than who did it. We form the passive with the verb to be and the past participle. Put the verb to be in the tense of the sentence (present, past, etc.).

Present - The car is made in the United States.
(They make the car in the United States.)

Past - The car was made in the United States.
(They made the car in the United States.)

Present Perfect - The car has been made in the United States.
(They have made the car in the United States.)

Future - The car will be made in the United States.
(They will make the car in the United States.)

Note: If you mention who did the action, you need to use the preposition "by".

The car is made in the United States by Ford.
(Ford makes the car in the United States.)

Select the correct verb to form the passive.

1. Houses made of wood.

2. The census completed.

3. The debate viewed by millions of people.

4. The theater built in 1943.

5. Letters sent to all of the employees.

6. The newspaper read by thousands of people in the city.

7. Thousands of products sold.

8. That horse ridden by many people.


Change the active sentences to passive ones. Review the irregular participles HERE.

The children ate the cookies.

1. The teacher read a story.

2. The citizens sang the national anthem.

3. Professor Johnson teaches the class.

4. Mark has finished the report.

5. The custodian will sweep the floor.

6. The mechanic fixed the car.

7. The Eagles have won the championship.

8. John will write the book.


Find the Mistake

Find the errors in the sentences.  Write the sentences correctly.

She are a student. --> She is a student.

1. The project will been finished in three years.

2. The products was made by the company.

3. The computer is make by Dell.

4. The house has be cleaned.

5. By the girls the cookies were made.


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