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Lesson 10 - Shopping

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English Dialog

The Lottery

Read the dialog below.

Listen to the dialog


A - This is Channel 7 reporter Jane Larson reporting from the Quicky Mart on the big multi-million dollar jackpot prize in tomorrow's lottery. This is the biggest jackpot ever in lottery history in this state. People are already lined up to buy tickets. Let's talk to some of them. Hello sir.

B – Hello.

A - How long have you been waiting in line to buy tickets?

B – For a half an hour now.

A - Wow! What would you do if you won the jackpot?

B – First, I'd quit my job. Then I'd buy a big house on the beach with a swimming pool in the back yard. I'd hire a full-time maid to clean the house and a cook to prepare all of the food. I'd buy a new car, maybe a sports car, and I'd buy a big boat. I'd take my friends out fishing every day.

A - Well, good luck. What about you ma'am? What would you do with all of the money?

C – I'd travel around the world. I'd go to Italy first, then Greece. Maybe I'd spend some time in France and England. I'd also travel to Asia, maybe China and Japan. I'd stay in all five-star hotels and eat in expensive restaurants.

A - Good luck to you. So if you're going to buy a lottery ticket you'd better hurry. The drawing is tomorrow at 7:00 PM.


Write the words in order to form sentences.

1. you    long    been    to    line    have    waiting    in    How    tickets    buy    ?

2. jackpot    would    What    do    you    if    won    the    you    ?

3. house    big    the    I'd    a    on buy    beach    .

4. fishing    friends    out    take    I'd    my    every day    .

5. would    What    you    do    money    all    the    with    of    ?



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