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Intermediate English
Lesson 5 - Family

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English Dialog

The Family Vacation

Read the dialog below.

Listen to the dialog


A - Hi Marge!  How was your vacation?

B - Oh!  It was wonderful.  We went on a cruise.

A - Really?  Where did you go?

B - We saw four different islands in the Caribbean.  

A - Did the kids go too?

B - Yeah.  They loved it.  Let me show you my pictures.  Here's the first picture.  We went to the beach on this day.  The children played in the sand and we enjoyed cocktails and relaxed on the beach.  In this picture I'm snorkeling.  I saw some beautiful fish.  The fish are all different colors, blue, yellow, orange, . . .

A - Is this your husband playing golf?

B - Yes.  On one of the islands he played golf while the children and I bought souvenirs. On this day my son and my husband went fishing while my daughter and I swam in the pool on the ship.  On the last night we went to an elegant dinner party in the ship's formal dining room.  We ate delicious gourmet food and drank champagne.  

A - Wow!  That sounds like a fun vacation.  

B - It was.


Write the words in order to form sentences.  

1. on    went    a     We    cruise   .

2. The      the    children    played    in    sand   .

3. went  dining  room  formal  ship's   the  We  to  elegant  party   dinner an  in  .

4. saw    fish     beautiful     some    I     .

5. beach     On     this    day     went     we    to     the    .



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