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English Expressions

In each of the advanced level lessons we learn five new American English Expressions that are related to the topic of the lesson. Here are this lesson's expressions.

be in charge of - be responsible for

lose your shirt - lose a lot of money

money talks - money influences people

give you a hand - help you

by the way - an expression used when we mention something not directly related to the subject of the conversation

Select the correct expressions in the conversation below.

JOHN - How is your new job?

HARRY - It's going pretty well. I'm the accounting department.

JOHN - That's a lot of responsibility.

HARRY - , how's Jill doing with her new business?

JOHN - She's doing really well. She in her last business venture. She went bankrupt. This business is doing much better.

HARRY - I heard she's getting involved in politics.

JOHN - She's hoping to influence the local government to do things that benefit her business. You know what they say, " ".

HARRY - You should get in touch with Jill. Maybe she can in getting clients for the accounting firm. She knows a lot of business people.


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