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Lesson 3


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Advanced English
Lesson 3 - People

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English Dialog

On the Subway

Read the dialog below.

Listen to the dialog


A - Is this seat available?

B - Yes. Sit down.

A - I'm so glad I got a seat. I'm really tired today.

B - So am I. It's been a long day, huh?

A - It sure has. Where do you work?

B - In the Commerce Building on the third floor. I work in real estate.

A - Really?! I work on the tenth floor. I work in the newspaper office.

B - I love working downtown but parking is so crazy here I started taking the subway.

A - Me too. I can't stand getting stuck in a traffic jam.

B - Neither can I. Have you worked downtown for long?

A - For about five years now.

B - So have I. I've worked here for five years and two months to be exact.

A - It was hard to get used to all of this traffic because I'm from a much smaller place. I was born in Rockford, Illinois.

B - So was I! Wow! What a coincidence!

A - Wow! What high school did you go to?

B - I went to Guilford High School.

A - No way! So did I.

B - I graduated in 1985.

A - I graduated in '87. I don't remember seeing you there.

B - I don't recognize you either.

A - Oh no! Here's my stop. I need to get off the train.

B - This is your stop? Me too. Heh, do you want to go for a cup of coffee? I know a great coffee shop near here.

A - Sure. Let's go.


Write the words in order to form sentences. 

1. available Is this seat ?

2. so glad seat I'm got a I .

3. I stand in traffic can't jam getting stuck a .

4. long Have for worked downtown you ?

5. don't there you I seeing remember .



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