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Advanced English
Lesson 11 - Transportation

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English Expressions

In each of the advanced level lessons we learn five new American English Expressions that are related to the topic of the lesson. Here are this lesson's expressions.

All's well that ends well. - A successful end is worth the effort

go to bat for someone - help someone

cough up - give unwillingly

be better off - be in a better situation

all of a sudden - suddenly

Select the correct expressions in the conversation below.

A - How was your vacation last week?

B - Terrible. I thought we would never get back.

A - Really? What happened?

B - My daughter got sick and so we tried to come home early. We went to the airport and they said that we could change our flights but we had to pay $100 fine per ticket plus the difference in the fare. It was over a $1000!

A - Did you pay it?

B - I explained to the the person at the ticket counter that my daughter was sick and he made some phone calls to try to get the fee reduced. Finally they agreed to $500 total to change all of the tickets.

A - That was really nice of him to like that. He really helped you.

B - Yes. Although it still seemed too expensive, I finally the $500 and they changed the flight for us.

A - That's good. So then you got home OK?

B - No. We took the first part of the flight but we were supposed to land in Chicago and refuel and then continue on to Los Angeles. After we landed in Chicago they said that it was too foggy to take off again.

A - What did you do?

B - We decided that we staying in Chicago overnight and then trying to get another flight the next day.

A - So you stayed in Chicago?

B - No. We decided to get something to eat before we left the airport to look for a hotel. We were eating in the restaurant in the airport when they announced that the fog had cleared. We ended up taking a flight to Los Angeles a half an hour later.

A - Oh well. At least you got home OK.

B - Yeah. I'm not going on any more vacations for a while. I'll stay right at home.

A - Ha, ha, ha!


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