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Beginning English - Lesson 4 - Work
This page: Learn the present tense form in English.
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Present Tense in English


Watch the "The English Minute" videos below to learn how to form the present tense in English. The English Minute ( is website designed for mobile phones that has short English lessons with videos.



Complete Guide

Affirmative and
I           work.
You     don't work
Do you work?
    Yes, I do.
    No, I don't.
He     works
She   doesn't work
Does he work?
    Yes, he does.
    No, he doesn't.

(Negative in red letters)

You add "s" to the end of the verb in the third person singular (he, she, it).  

work - works

If the verb ends with "s", "ch", "sh", "x", or "o", add "e" and then the "s".

watch - watches

If a verb ends with a consonant and then "y", change the "y" to "i" and then add "es".

study - studies

Select the correct word.

She  flowers.

1.  They to school.  

2.  He well.  

3.  They basketball in the afternoon.  

4.  She the dishes.  

5.  You hard.  

6.  They at the night club.  

7.  The birds in the sky.  

8.  The children in the yard.  

9.  Fred baseball.  

10. Bill and I classes at the university.  


Write the verb in parentheses in the correct form.

She baseball. (play)

1.  They  flowers in the garden. (plant

2.  My wife  dinner. (cook

3.  Sally  an English class. (teach

4.  She  television in the evening. (watch

5.  Fred  in an office. (work

6.  He  to school every day. (go

7.  The pilot  airplanes. (fly

8.  They  every afternoon. (walk

9.  He  the dishes. (wash

10. My brother  football. (play




Brief Guide

Do you work?
Does he work?

Change the sentence to a question.

He plays soccer. 

1. They walk to school.

2. He cooks well.

3. They play basketball.

4. She washes the dishes.

5. You work hard.

6. They dance at the night club.

7. The birds fly in the sky.

8. The children play in the park.

9. Mike plays baseball.

10. Ken and Helen teach classes.


Write a sentence using the information from
the table below to describe each person.

taxi driver 

serve food   fix cars
take pictures teach classes  
sell things go to court
design houses   type letters
drive a taxi clean teeth
help patients  

1.  photographer 

2.  mechanic 

3.  teacher 

4.  salesperson 

5.  waiter

6.  secretary 

7.  lawyer 

8.  dentist 

9. architect 

10.  nurse 


Find the Mistake

Find the errors in the sentences.  Write the sentences correctly.

She are a student. --> She is a student. 

1. He watchs TV at night.  

2. She don't speak English.  

3. Does he cooks?  

4. The pilot flys the airplane.  

5. He dosen't play soccer.



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Beginning English - Lesson 4 - Work
Vocabulary - Grammar - Listening - Dialogue - Reading - Pronunciation - Dictation - Game






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