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Beginning English - Lesson 3 - People
This page: How to describe people in English
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Describing People in English

When we describe people we use some expressions with the verb "to be" and others with the verb "to have."

to be
Age Body Personality
He (She) is . . . He (She) is . . . He (She) is . . .
young tall intelligent (smart)
a teenager short dumb
middle aged fat funny
old overweight serious
elderly thin nice
20 years old strong lazy
in his thirties weak hard-working


to have
Hair Face
He (She) has . . . He has . . .
black hair a beard
brown hair a mustache
red hair He (She) wears glasses.
blond hair  
gray hair  
long hair  
short hair  
straight hair  
wavy hair  
curly hair  

*He is bald.

*With "bald" we use the verb "to be."