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Beginning Level - Basic English Lesson
This page: Learn about the verb "to be" in English.
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to be

Complete Guide

Affirmative and Negative
(Contractions in parentheses)
Negative in
red letters


I am (I'm)
I am not
(I'm not)

Am I _____?

He is (He's)
He is not
(He isn't, He's not)

She is (She's)
She is not
(She isn't, She's not)

It is (It's)
It is not
(It isn't, It's not)

Is he _____?

Is she _____?

Is it _____?

You are (You're)
You are not
(You aren't, You're not)

They are (They're)
They are not
(They aren't, They're not)

We are (We're)
We are not
(We aren't, We're not)

Are you ____?

Are they _____?

Are we _____?



to be (affirmative)

Brief Guide

Click on a link to hear the pronunciation.

I am
He is
She is
It is
You are
They are
We are

Section 1
Select the correct verb.

1.  I  a teacher.   

2.  They  from China.  

3.  She  from Mexico.  

4.  We teachers.  

5.  He  a student.  

6.  You a teacher.  

7.  Maria  from Cuba.  

8.  The students  from Argentina.  

9.  Bob  from Texas.  

10. Susan and Frank from California.  

11. The children  students.  

12. You and I  English students.   

13. The teacher from Canada.  

14. The teacher and the students from California. 

15. Samuel and I from San Francisco.  


to be (contractions)

Brief Guide

A contraction is a short way of saying something. In English, contractions are very common. When we form a contraction, we are taking away a letter or several letters and replacing them with an apostrophe (').

I am I'm
He is
She is
It is
You are
They are   
We are

Section 2
Write the sentence with a contraction then click on the "Check" button. 

He is a student. --> He's a student.
I am a teacher. --> I'm a teacher.

1. They are teachers.

2. We are students.

3. She is from China.

4. He is from Japan.

5. I am from San Diego.

6. You are a student.

7. It is from Chile.

8. Mike is a teacher.

9. Carmen is from Spain.

10. What is your name?


to be (negative)

Brief Guide

Affirmative Negative
I am I'm not
is isn't
are aren't

Section 3
Write the sentence in the negative using a contraction from the guide above.

I am a student. --> I'm not a student.
He is a teacher. --> He isn't a teacher.

1. She is from Mexico.

2. They are students.

3. I am a teacher.

4. We are from Ecuador.

5. You are teachers.

6. He is a student.

7. George is a student.

8. Connie is a teacher.

9. Bill and Sue are from Illinois.

10. Maria and I are from Mexico.


to be (question)

He is a teacher. --> Is he a teacher?
You are from Spain. --> Are you from Spain?

Section 4
Change the sentences to questions.

She is a student. --> Is she a student?

1. They are from England.

2. You are a student.

3. She is a housewife.

4. He is from Scotland.

5. Mario and Rosa are from Italy.

6. Frank is from New York.

7. The children are from Africa.


Section 5
Answer the questions as if you were the person. See the example of Tomás Lopez and then do Sandy Wilson.

Name Tomás Lopez
Country Mexico
Occupation student


What is your name? 

Where are you from? 

What is your occupation?

Name Sandy Wilson
Country England
Occupation teacher

What is your name?  

Where are you from? 

What is your occupation? 



Write five sentences using the verb "to be."

I am a student.
I'm not a teacher.
Fernando is a dentist.

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Beginning Level - Basic English Lesson
Letters - Numbers - Pronouns - to be - Question Words






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