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Beginning English - Lesson 1 - Greetings
This page: Learn the affirmative, negative and question forms of the verb "to have".
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to have

Complete Guide

Affirmative and Negative


I have
I don't have

You have
You don't have

They have
They don't have

We have
We don't have

Do I have _____?

Do you have _____?

Do they have _____?

Do we have _____?

He has
He doesn't have

She has
She doesn't have

It has
It doesn't have

Does he have _____?

Does she have _____?

Does it have_____?

(Negative in red letters)


to have (affirmative)

Brief Guide

I have
You have
We have
They have
He has
She has
It has

Section 1
Select the correct answer.

1.  I  a book.  

2.  She  a car.  

3.  They  paper.  

4.  We  pencils.  

5.  He  a pen.  

6.  You  a computer.  

7.  Francis paper.  

8.  Bill  a book.  

9.  The students  pencils.  

10. Sarah and I  pens.   



to have (negative)

Brief Guide

Affirmative Negative
have don't have
has doesn't have

Section 2
Write the sentences in the negative.

I have a book. --> I don't have a book.

1. They have a pencil.

2. He has a computer.

3. She has a book.

4. We have paper.

5. I have a car.

6. You have a pen.

7. Sue has a computer.

8. The teachers have pens.


to have (question)

Brief Guide

Do you have _____?
Do I have _____?
Do we have _____?
Do they have _____?

Does he have _____?
Does she have _____?
Does it have _____?

Section 3
Change the sentences to questions.

She has a computer. --> Does she have a computer?

1. You have a book.

2. She has a computer.

3. They have pencils.

4. He has a pen.

5. Gail has a book.

6. The teachers have cars.

7. The student has a book.

8. Mary and Pete have pens.


Find the Mistake heading

Find the errors in the sentences.  Write the sentences correctly.

He are a teacher. --> He is a teacher. 

1. He have a new computer.  

2. Does she has a book?

3. She don't have a car. 

4. He dosn't have a pencil.

5. Nice meet you.  



Write sentences using the verb "to have." You can write on piece of paper or in the comments section below.

I have a computer.
I don't have a car.

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Beginning English - Lesson 1 - Greetings
Vocabulary - Grammar - Listening - Dialogue - Reading - Pronunciation - Dictation - Game






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