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Beginning English - Lesson 11 - Transportation
This page: Read an article about presidential travel. Answer true/false questions about the article.
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"Presidential Travel"
Reading Exercise


Review of Key Words


White House

The president of the United States has an important job. In order to do his job he needs to travel a lot. He can't travel in a regular car or airplane because it is not safe. When he needs to fly he can take one of two airplanes that are available to him. When he is in one of the airplanes, that airplane is designated "Air Force One." Air Force One has a presidential stateroom, a shower and dressing room , a conference/dining room, two kitchens, a presidential office, secretarial offices, a medical treatment room, six bathrooms, and 84 telephones. The president can also fly in Marine One, his presidential helicopter. Like Air Force One, Marine One can be one of several helicopters. When the president is aboard it's designated Marine One.

When the president travels by car he can travel in one of many limousines. He usually travels in a "motorcade." A "motorcade" is a group of cars that include the president's limousine and other Secret Service vehicles to provide security.

True or False?
Select "True" if the statement is true or "False" if it is false.

1. Air Force One is the presidential helicopter.

2. Air Force One has six bathrooms.

3. Marine One is the presidential airplane.

4. A motorcade is a group of cars.

5. The Secret Service provides security to the president.




Describe your vehicles.

example I have a car. It is a Mazda. It has four doors. It is blue. etc.
I also have a bicycle. It is red. I ride it on the weekends. etc.

You can write on piece of paper or in the comments section below.

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Beginning English - Lesson 11 - Transportation
Vocabulary - Grammar - Listening - Dialogue - Reading - Pronunciation - Dictation - Game






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