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Beginning English - Lesson 11 - Transportation
This page: Review of the verbs have and has, The prepositions in, on, and at with time expressions
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Review of Have/Has


Affirmative and Negative Question
I       have
You   don't have
Do you have _____?
He     has
She   doesn't have
Does he have _____?

Write sentences using have or has. Some are negative (See the examples).


She/no bicycle

1. He/motorcycle

2. They/airplane

3. Jane/no computer

4. Helen/book

5. The people/televisions

6. They/no papers

7. The children/no bicycles

8. Robert/no car

9. Dora and Nancy/bus tickets

10. Mr. and Mrs. Barron/no car


Change the sentences to questions.

They have a computer.

1. You have a car.

2. She has a bicycle.

3. The president has an airplane.

4. The dog has a ball.

5. Mr. and Mrs. Hunter have bicycles.



in/on/at with time expressions

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with years
   in 1990
with months
   in March
with parts of the day like "the morning", "the afternoon", "the evening"
    in the morning
    in the afternoon
    in the evening
with seasons
    in the summer
    in the winter
with periods of time
    in five minutes
    in three months
    in twenty years

with days
    on Tuesday
with dates
    on June 21, 1955
with the day together with the part of the day
    on Wednesday morning
    on Friday night
    on Sunday afternoon

with times
    at 5:00 PM

Select the correct preposition.

1. I go to the movies Saturday evenings.

2. My class starts 8:00 AM.

3. We go to church Sundays.

4. It's very cold in New York the winter.

5. I need to leave fifteen minutes.

6. I was born 1970.

7. I exercise the morning.

8. I fly to California March 3.

9. I play baseball with my friends Saturday afternoons.

10. I go to bed 10:30 PM.

11. My family goes on vacation the summer.

12. I moved to Texas 2002.

13. The television program starts five minutes.

14. I start my new English class Monday.

15. The wedding is three months.


Find the Mistake

Find the errors in the sentences.  Write the sentences correctly.

She are a student. --> She is a student. 

1. He have a computer. 

2. I have a class in Tuesday.

3. She doesn't has a car. 

4. The movie is in 6:30. 

5. I go to class in Monday morning.



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Beginning English - Lesson 11 - Transportation
Vocabulary - Grammar - Listening - Dialogue - Reading - Pronunciation - Dictation - Game






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