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Beginning English - Lesson 11 - Transportation
This page: Listen and read a dialogue about buying a plane ticket.
Pages in this lesson: Vocabulary - Grammar - Listening - Dialogue - Reading - Pronunciation - Dictation - Game


"The Plane Ticket"


Read the dialogue below.

Listen to the dialogue


A - Hello.

B - Hi.  What time is the next flight to Los Angeles? 

A - At 3:00 this afternoon.

B - I'd like to buy a ticket.

A - Ok. What's your name?

B – George Hansen.

A - Can you spell that?

B - Sure. George is G-E-O-R-G-E and Hansen is spelled H-A-N-S-E-N.

A – And your address?

B – 3462 First Avenue  Miami, Florida  33056

A – What's your phone number?

B – Area code (305) 452-2459

A - Ok.  Would you like a window or aisle seat?

B - Window, please.

A - How would you like to pay for your ticket?

B - With my credit card.

A - Ok.  Here's your ticket. 



Write the words in order to form sentences.   

1.  time    What     Los Angeles    next     is     to    the    flight     ?

2. buy    ticket   I'd    to   like    a    .

3.  spell    Can    that    you   ?

4.  phone    number    What's    your    ?

5. pay    How    ticket    you    to    like   would    for    your    ?


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Reading Comprehension Exercise


Beginning English - Lesson 11 - Transportation
Vocabulary - Grammar - Listening - Dialogue - Reading - Pronunciation - Dictation - Game



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