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Beginning English - Lesson 6 - House
This page: Read about Bill Gates' house and answer reading comprehension questions with "there is" and "there are."
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"The House of the Future"
Reading Exercise


Review of Key Words
movie theater 
turn on


Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, has a  $53,392,000 house in Medina, Washington.  There are seven bedrooms, twenty four bathrooms and six kitchens in his house.  There is a huge library and even a movie theater.  The security system includes cameras and sensors in the floor.  The house computer system automatically turns on music when you enter a room.   


Answer the questions like the examples.

How many bedrooms are there?

Is there a movie theater?


1.  How many kitchens are there?

2.  How many bathrooms are there?

3.  Is there a library?

4.  Are there cameras?

5.  Is there a computer system?




Write a paragraph describing your house (or your dream house). Make sentences with "There is" and There are" to describe what is in your house. You can write on piece of paper or in the comments section below.

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Beginning English - Lesson 6 - House
Vocabulary - Grammar - Listening - Dialogue - Reading - Pronunciation - Dictation - Game






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