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Beginning English - Lesson 6 - House
This page: The difference between "There is" and "There are" in English.
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There is/There are


Watch this "The English Minute" video below to learn about "There is" and "There are" in English. The English Minute ( is website designed for mobile phones that has short English lessons with videos.


"There is" and "There are" indicate what is in a place. "There is" is singular and "There are" is plural.

There is a book.*
There are books.

*You can contract "There is" to "There's".  You cannot make a contraction of "There are."

The negatives are "There is not" and "There are not" and their contractions.

There is not a pencil.  -  There isn't a pencil.
There are not pencils.  -  There aren't pencils.

To make a question you just change the order of the words.

Is there a pencil?
     Yes, there is.
     No, there isn't.

Are there pencils?
     Yes, there are.
     No, there aren't.



Select correct answers to describe what is in the rooms.

Dining Room

1.  Is there a TV?

2.  Is there a bed?

3.  Are there four chairs?

4.  Is there a light?

5.  Is there a table?


Living Room

6.  Is there a lamp?

7.  Are there cabinets?

8.  Is there a TV?

9. Is there a sink?

10.  Is there a toilet?


Make sentences using There is or There are or the negative to describe what is and isn't in the room. Write the sentences in the affirmative without a contraction and in the negative with a contraction like the example below.


Dining Room





Living Room

1. bed 

2. sofa 

3. lamp 

4. toilet

5. dresser 



6.  stove 

7.  table 

8.  cabinets 

9. chair 

10.  bathtub 



11. bed 

12. chair

13. lamp 

14. refrigerator

15. TV 


Find the Mistake

Find the errors in the sentences.  Write the sentences correctly.

She are a student. --> She is a student. 

1. There are gabinets in the kitchen.

2. There're two tables. 

3. There's a refrigerador in the kitchen.

4. There is four chairs.

5. There isen't a lamp.



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Beginning English - Lesson 6 - House
Vocabulary - Grammar - Listening - Dialogue - Reading - Pronunciation - Dictation - Game






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